The CERN Stakeholder Relations Office supports the Organization's strategic goals by engaging in dialogue with key stakeholder groups, both internal and external to the Organization. It identifies key stakeholder groups, analyses their needs and concerns, advises CERN management on engagement strategies and manages CERN’s relationship with these groups. The Stakeholder Relations Office consists of the Heads of Communications, Education, International Relations, and Relations with International Organizations. It serves a coordination role, with individual members reporting to the Director-General.

The mandates of the individual teams constituting the Stakeholder Relations Office are as follows:


Working with a number of key target audiences to generate public engagement with science and technology, to produce and distribute information, to foster community building and to develop support for CERN and its mission. The key audiences are:

  • The general public – to foster engagement with scientific issues.
  • The scientific community – to provide information about CERN's activities.
  • Industry - to provide information about CERN's activities and opportunities for industry.
  • Science and technology opinion leaders – to promote CERN's activities.
  • The CERN community – to provide information and build motivation.
  • The local community – to integrate CERN in to the community.


Working with a number of key target audiences to advance the public understanding of science and technology related to CERN and its mission. The key audiences are:

  • The general public and decision makers - to advance public understanding of CERN and its mission.
  • School teachers - to deepen knowledge of modern physics related to CERN research.
  • School students - to build motivation to continue scientific studies at secondary and tertiary levels.

International Relations

The International Relations Office advises and assists the Director-General in matters concerning international relations of the Organization. The Head of International Relations represents CERN in such matters when the Director-General is not available.

In particular, the Office assists the Director-General in the following:

  • Shaping and implementing international relations strategies.
  • Strengthening the cooperation with Member States.
  • Implementing the geographical enlargement policy of the Organization.
  • Fostering increased collaboration with Non-Member States and international scientific organizations through the conclusion and implementation of cooperation agreements.
  • Facilitating the participation of external research institutions in CERN projects.

The Office maintains a complete and up-to-date record of the participation of the Member States, and of collaborating states, organizations and institutes in the CERN programme.

Relations with International Organizations

Advises and assists the Director-General in matters concerning relations with international Organizations, notably UN agencies in Geneva and New York, and organizations constituting international Geneva. It represents CERN on these matters, when required, on behalf of the Director-General.

In particular, the Office for Relations with International Organizations assists the Director-General in:

  • Shaping and implementing relations with International Organizations and with other bodies and agencies involved in multilateral diplomacy.
  • Fostering increased collaboration with International Organizations through the conclusion and implementation of cooperation agreements, and liaising with the CERN units involved.
  • Strengthening CERN’s influence in the international debate on issues related to science and technology and its role for the peaceful development of society.
  • Building support for CERN and its mission among the partner institutions.